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Welcome to the farm

The farm is always open for visits during the opening hours of the farm shop

Visit the farm and meet our animals. Piglet Lindahl and Greta Pig walk in a paddock with their young at the edge of the forest by the farm shop. The cows munch on hay in their outhouse right by the farm shop if they are not out on conservation missions in the pasture... The chickens live in the henhouse in the garden. Soon we'll let the sheep and goats out into the pasture by the farm shop. You can go in and cuddle them. The children can play in our garden and the natural pool at the farm shop is a great place to swim. PLEASE NOTE! At your own risk. Keep an eye on the children. Coffee and ice cream served during farm shop opening hours. Welcome to experience our farm.

Farm safari

Join the farmer in a tractor and wagon out in the paddocks

Cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, chickens, cats and bees. Join the farmer on a farm safari, meet all the farm animals and become a farmer for a day.

We take a tractor and cart on a guided tour of the cow pasture, visit the pigs, feed the sheep, pet the chickens and play with the goats. The farmer will tell you everything you want to know about all the farm animals, life on a farm and show you what grows in the fields.

Tuesday- Friday between 5 July-5 August The tour starts at 11.00

Pre-book your place here.

Drop-ins are always accommodated but may have to wait for an extra turn.

Build a strong team on the farm

On our farm there is now the opportunity for the company, friends or family to socialize together in an easy way. Challenge each other in the farm fight under the guidance of the farmer. Stroll around kastebergsskogen, greet the farm animals, or maybe a ride by tractor and wagon along the rapeseed fields? Gather around the grill and enjoy a good meal based on ingredients in season and from the farm.

"The best activity we have done! Nice, genuine and tasty" - Participants from Kontek March 2021

We tailor your experience on the farm to your wishes and needs.
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